(Only at The Saturday Flea Market this Saturday the 4th June)
Goods sold at the Flea are non-exchangeable/non-refundable.

1. Earpieces (All other than Lego-inspired) at 5bucks ea

2. Lego Earpieces at 7bucks ea

3. Optical Mouse at 12bucks ea

4. Audio-Technica ONTO headphone at 10bucks ea

5. Namecard holder/wallet at 10bucks ea

6. Tin Can(s) at 2bucks ea

7. Topping them off, Lomographic Cameras




Selling at 18bucks each, with a free roll of random film (while stocks last!)

8. All other Headphones – at a flat rate of 12bucks

What else will be available at our stall at The Saturday Flea?

a. Polaroid Camera(s) launched on the 1st June 2011

b. Films – Polaroid, Fuji Instax, 135mm film
(And not to worry about the heat, the films will be kept in our cool bag at the flea. However, we’ll only be bringing limited pieces so if you’re of the intention in buying from us, do drop us a message beforehand! We really appreciate that!)