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Dear Friends,


1) We will cease to take any orders after 17th August 2012 (Friday) as we will be relocating overseas later next month. Please do not drop us any SMSes after 24th August 2012 (Friday). We will however, continue to correspond with you via email ( should you have any enquires.

2) From now till 17th August 2012, for each Polaroid 600 series camera you buy (e.g. Polaroid One Step Close Up Camera, Polaroid Talking Camera etc.) you will receive a free pack of 600 film on us!

So hurry and chop chop! Place your orders before 17th August 2012. While Stocks Last!


Minion Crew










Dear friends,

Here’s a big thank you to all of you, new and old friends, who came down to *scape today!

We will be releasing new Polaroid cameras and Polaroid films in the coming weeks. So do stay tuned to this space or drop us a message (8313 6554) for more enquires!

The Polaroid cameras and films sell out really fast. Snooze and you lose!

Once again, thank you so much! We had fun and hope you did too.

Minion Crew
(65) 8313 6554

Hang out with us at Flea Above this Saturday! 

Date: 16 June 2012 (Saturday)
Where: *SCAPE Sky Terrace Level 4
Time: 2pm till 8pm

What to expect from us?
Exclusive sale of Polaroid Cameras (cameras not released on minionstore website), Limited Edition Polaroid Films, Fuji Instax Mini Films (only available for buyers who place an order beforehand) 

Questions? Drop a message to 8313 6554


Hello friends!

Next launch of the Polaroids will be on Monday, 13th June. Stay tuned!

Minion Crew
8313 6554

(Only at The Saturday Flea Market this Saturday the 4th June)
Goods sold at the Flea are non-exchangeable/non-refundable.

1. Earpieces (All other than Lego-inspired) at 5bucks ea

2. Lego Earpieces at 7bucks ea

3. Optical Mouse at 12bucks ea

4. Audio-Technica ONTO headphone at 10bucks ea

5. Namecard holder/wallet at 10bucks ea

6. Tin Can(s) at 2bucks ea

7. Topping them off, Lomographic Cameras




Selling at 18bucks each, with a free roll of random film (while stocks last!)

8. All other Headphones – at a flat rate of 12bucks

What else will be available at our stall at The Saturday Flea?

a. Polaroid Camera(s) launched on the 1st June 2011

b. Films – Polaroid, Fuji Instax, 135mm film
(And not to worry about the heat, the films will be kept in our cool bag at the flea. However, we’ll only be bringing limited pieces so if you’re of the intention in buying from us, do drop us a message beforehand! We really appreciate that!)

Come Flea with us at The Saturday Flea Market!

Date: 4th June 2011, Saturday (that’s NEXT Saturday)
Location: Youth Park, *scape!
Time: 2pm – 8pm

Can’t find us? Drop a message to our crew at 8313 6554

Stuff that will be at our stall:
(refurbished and we’ll show you how they work on the spot!)

What’s more, get a free instax photo taken on the spot with your friends/lover(s)/family when you buy a Polaroid camera from us on the day!

Note: ALL our Polaroid cameras come with a one week warranty from us.

#FILMS (Polaroid, Fuji Instax, 35mm)
#CLEARANCE SALE of items on our blogshop!
(P.S. We’ll be editing the prices later tomorrow)

So come join us at The Saturday Flea Market next Saturday (the 4th)!
Say Hi and feel free to get your hands on the Polaroids (:

Updated 31st May 2011:

New! “Terms and Conditions of Sale” page – We’ve been advised in creating a “Terms and Conditions of Sale” page so as to put a stop on a buyer or two who have been taking advantage of our kindness and as much as we hate to, please do understand we have to protect ourselves too. Nonetheless, our utmost wish as the happy sellers will be to make you, our buyers, happy buyers too and be assured that we WILL definitely go the extra mile in helping you with any enquires you have in mind!

New! Email –
Please do channel all future enquires/placing of orders to this email!
We regret that we will be unable to reply to your enquires sent to our previous email as of 31st May 2011.

New! Updated the items on sale at The Saturday Flea here!

Most importantly, THE POLAROID CAMERAS WILL BE launched TOMORROW (1st June 2011)
– While Stocks Last!

Hello friends of Minion!

We are currently planning and working out a new direction for Minion so as to better position ourselves and to serve you! Therefore, we will like to apologize for our absence in this period (as well as the time to come). However, we are still very much contactable (via sms 8313 6554 and through our email

Most importantly, we ARE still selling the products featured on our blogshop (as long as it’s not SOLD OUT).

Please stay with us as we bring ourselves to the next level with major changes and happenings coming to you mid this year!

Minion Crew

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An early Happy Christmas & New Year to all of you out there!

We’ll be operating till 25th December – before we break for Christmas & New Year, (which means if you want your stuff delivered to you before 2011, you’ll need to place your orders on/before 23rd December.

& what’s more?!
From now till 10th Jan 2011, enjoy 10% off all purchases (*with the exception of films)

Join us on facebook for the latest status updates and happenings:

(Photo Credits to Yahoo! Search)

Hello friends!

The season of joy and giving‘s here again.
Capture the fun and laughter this season 0n film – something you could hold onto till the end of time (or for that matter, till the picture fades!)

Here at Minion, we offer you the films you’ll need – ranging from 35mm to Polaroid films
Get yours now to avoid disappointment


135mm film (for your lomographic cameras)

+ Solaris 200 (M0092:
+ Fujicolor 100 (
+ CT Precisa 100 (

Polaroid Films (for SX-70 and 600 series cameras)

+ Polaroid 600
takes 10 shots, expiry May 09
2 left – Retail: 40SGD

+Milk x Impossible PX70 First Flush
SX-70 cameras, some 600 series cameras with lighten/darken knob
takes 8 colour shots
2 left – Retail: 40SGD

+PX100 Monochrome
takes 8 shots, SX-70 cameras
1 left: Retail: 42SGD

+PX600 Silver 600 First Flush/V05 Monochrome
takes 8 shots, 600 series cameras
Retail: 40SGD

+PX600 UV+ Monochrome
takes 8 shots, 600 series cameras
1 left Retail: 44SGD

*+PX70 Colour
SX-70 and some 600 series cameras with lighten/darken knob
takes 8 shots Retail: 1 pack at 35SGD; 3 packs at 90SGD

*Click onto the ‘photography’ tab on the left of this page to find out more about the product you’re looking for!
Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email ( or message 8313 6554 to ask about the products and if they’re a fit for your cameras.

And what’s more?
From now till 20th December, when you buy any camera from us (do check out the ‘photography’ category on the left of the page for the cameras listings) and get a roll of film from us, absolutely free!

So come down and join us in celebrating this season of fun, joy, laughter!
Be part of the action here at Minion.

Next update will be on 22nd November, Monday

The Polaroid Px600 Film for Polaroid 600 series cameras

Originally retailing at 40bucks but it’s now $38 each!
(Inclusive of free postage – registered *Singapore only)

Limited Boxes left!
Get yours now! (:

Email your enquires to
or drop us a message! (8313 6554)