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Item Code: M0117

Available in 5 different designs and colours!
(Make your earpiece a fashion accessory)

Retailing at SGD12
(Normal postage included in retail price)

For more enquires, text us at 8313 6554 or email to

Next update will be on 10th December 2010, Friday


Yes, we’ll once again be at FleaFlyFloFun Home Club @ The Riverwalk!


Location: Home Club @ The Riverwalk
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (It’s opposite Central)
Time: 130 till 630pm

Promotions SPECIALLY for FleaFlyFloFun


Remember the Waterproof Cameras?

When you buy any Waterproof camera at our Flea,
you’ll be getting a roll of Fujicolor 100 (worth $5) FREE!

(In any case, the yellow waterproof camera’s SOLD OUT!)


We’re bundling up the Polaroid One Step Land Camera 
with the SX-70 film 

and we’re retailing them at $95 (save $7)

(#2 has been reserved)


Be rewarded when you refer your friends to us (Minion) on Facebook!

Is being paid $5 – $35 bucks a good hourly rate for a PT job?
But hey, we’re bringing it to a whole new different level.
Get paid for that same amount for 5 minutes of work!

We’re giving away films and many other items (see below) to all who refer your friends to Minion. And yes, we’re mailing it to your doorstep, FOR FREE.

Just show us a print screen of your Reference (Or Suggestion):
(Like the one as follows)

Email us, along with the screencap, your name and address.
We’ll mail your reward to you as soon as we can!

Reward includes: films (worth between $5 to $10), Notepads (worth $20), Earphones (worth between $12 to $35), Earpieces and MORE!

One reward PER person.

The more people you suggest to, the BETTER your reward!

Email your enquires to
or drop us a message!

Join us on facebook for the latest status updates and happenings:

Next update to be on 21st September, Tuesday

Item Code: M0101
(Wow, what a really matrix-y number)

Here comes the “1st anniversary Limited Color edition” of Audio Technica’s –
popular ONTO Seamless Headband (Headphone)

That comes in SIX (6) Whopping colours!
Please click photos to enlarge (:

1. White

2. Black

3. Brown

4. Pink (SOLD OUT)

5. Red (SOLD OUT)

6. Teal


Enquires? Email em’ to or text it to 8313 6554
Place your order via the above method too!

Sometimes, we get enquires from people who asked why the huuuuuuuugggggeeee pricing gap between us and retail outlets for the SAME product. The answer my dearest friends is, we get em’ direct from the factory and we do not occupy a retail store (minus the rental, salary etc.)

That’s why!

And this product will be sold at the upcoming Minion x FleaFlyFloFun Riverwalk this upcoming Saturday
We’ll be there all the way from 130pm till 9pm!
(The product will be up at our Toy Outpost Vivo locker too)
Catch us, catch you!

EDITED (6th September 2010)

Yes, you see it right!
Minion will be at the upcoming FleaFlyFloFun event held at Home Club

Location: Home Club (20 Upper Circular Road, B1-01/06, The Riverwalk)
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (North-East Line aka Purple Line)
Date: 14th August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 130pm till 9pm

We’ll be out in a lil’ stall (:
But no worries, you’ll find us.
If you have difficulties finding us, drop us an sms at 8313 6554