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Minion has been a merchant with Toy Outpost since 8th Feb this year.
But we’ll be moving off from our Toy Outpost Vivo City locker on 30th September 2010.

Who knows? We might be back, if we get a locker of our preference.
For now, however, we’ll be making MORE appearance at the flea markets (:
At least once a month, that is.
Keep a lookout for us!

FROM NOW till 29th September, we’ll be having a GREAT CLEARANCE sale at our Toy Outpost Vivo locker
ALL ITEMS (in the locker) will be sold for just 5 DOLLARS.
Yes, you read it right. FIVE BUCKS.

It’s really easy finding our locker;
we’re in the bottom. And there’s a label that reads “5bucks for ALL” on glass.

So head down to Toy Outpost Vivo NOW
And lay your hands on what catches your fancy!

Minion Crew


Hello friends!

As promised, here’s an update on the happenings at our locker situation in Toy Outpost Vivo City!

View from the locker towards the entrance:
(As you see, Toy Outpost Vivo City’s right opposite of Carl’s Junior, and 2 spaces away from GV)

When you walk into Toy Outpost, we’ll be on the right (at the junction) bottom locker

 And here’s how our locker looks:

The crew at Minion would like to extend our appreciation to ALL of you guys out there!
Whether you’re on our facebook page or following us on twitter
It’s because of your support that allow us to pass the 6 months mark as a merchant at Toy Outpost (:

Please continue supporting us, and let your friends know about us too.
If you like us, do join our facebook group too!
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The lovelyMinion crew